Arizona’s public universities recorded an increase in the number of Arizona high school graduates enrolling in 2016, according to the High School Report Card with approximately 14,200 students enrolling in the universities following their senior year.

Enrollment of Arizona high school students at Arizona’s public universities reflects a 72 percent increase since the 1999-2000 academic year. Academic preparedness for this class was down slightly with approximately 87 percent of students admitted without academic deficiencies compared to 88 percent admitted in fall 2015 and 80 percent in fall 2011.

In English proficiency, the majority of Arizona’s high school students enrolled in first year English (69 percent) with an average grade of 3.3. Approximately 22 percent of students took advanced English with an average grade of 3.6.

More students in first-year math took calculus than college algebra or other math courses. Approximately equal numbers of students took college algebra, calculus and other math classes. The average grade in calculus was 2.7 (up from 2.6 last year) and 2.7 for college algebra (improved from 2.4).

The Arizona High School Report Card is prepared annually by the board to empower student success and learning, advance educational attainment within Arizona and positively impact the state. These report cards are designed for and distributed to Arizona’s high schools to help ensure that their graduates are ready for success in postsecondary education.